Wed.Jun 19, 2024

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UK universities valued more than institutions like parliament and BBC, finds survey

The Guardian Higher Education

King’s College London poll finds people rank universities behind only the NHS, armed forces and royal family The British public values the UK’s universities more highly than the legal system or the BBC, according to a survey of attitudes towards higher education by King’s College London. Prof Bobby Duffy, the director of King’s College London’s policy institute , said universities came behind only the NHS, the armed forces and the royal family in a league table of UK institutions considered to b

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From Fear to Fearless: 3 ways to boost your leadership communication confidence

The Humphrey Group

The stakes at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo could not have been higher for Simone Biles, an American gymnast celebrated for her extraordinary athletic achievements and considered one of the greatest athletes in the sport’s history.


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Securing Student Data in International Education: The Advantages of SOC 2 Type II Compliance


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, higher education institutions face the dual challenge of delivering top-tier education while safeguarding the security and privacy of student data. This responsibility extends to all students, including those involved in education abroad programs and international students, making data protection an integral part of their global academic experience.

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‘I’ve waited a long time for this’: woman earns Stanford master’s degree at 105

The Guardian Higher Education

Virginia Hislop left school to care for her family during the second world war; 83 years later she received diploma Virginia Hislop took 83 years to get her master’s degree from Stanford University. Now, at 105 years old, she’s finally graduated. “My goodness, I’ve waited a long time for this,” she said, walking across the stage on Sunday to receive her diploma.

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Trust-Building Strategies for The ResLife Supervisor


Take a second to reflect on some of your most meaningful mentors and supervisors. What qualities did they have that you want to emulate as you supervise your own staff? Many leaders strive to have deep connections with the individuals that make up their team: this helps to take the supervisory relationship beyond simply serving.

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A black hole awakens and why some people avoid Covid: the week in science – podcast

The Guardian Higher Education

Ian Sample and science correspondent Hannah Devlin discuss some of the science stories that have made headlines this week, from a glimpse of a black hole awakening, to a new blood test that can detect Parkinson’s seven years before symptoms appear, and a study exploring how some people manage to avoid Covid infection Follow Hannah Devlin’s reporting here Continue reading.

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Colleges' Responsiveness to the Job Market: Key Podcast

Confessions of a Community College Dean

Colleges are increasingly being judged by how well they prepare students for jobs and careers after they leave, and in response, most are trying to adapt their programs and offerings to align with the needs of employers. How are they doing?

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El auge universitario en España y cómo abordar la brecha de empleabilidad


España está experimentando un notable crecimiento en el número de universidades privadas, lo que refleja una tendencia educativa en auge. Sin embargo, esta expansión trae consigo un desafío significativo: la desconexión entre las titulaciones ofrecidas y las necesidades del mercado laboral. Vamos a analizar esta problemática y cómo Symplicity CSM puede ser la solución que las universidades necesitan.