Sat.Sep 23, 2023

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Accessibility with Dr. Denise Maduli-Williams

Dr. Al Solano

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE Learn how to improve accessibility for students and the campus community. In this episode, I interview Dr. Denise Maduli-Williams, English & ELAC Faculty & Accessibility Mentor at San Diego Miramar College. (Scroll down to access the transcript.) We cover the following key topics: 8:42:25: Humanities inquiry & action team project Example inquiry & action teams: Miramar College Santa Barbara City College Irvine Valley College 12:09:25: Journey to being more i

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Legislative fix would save student housing at some California community colleges - MIKHAIL ZINSHTEYN, Cal Matters

Ray Schroeder

Cerritos College in Los Angeles County was about to cancel plans to build affordable dorms for 396 students at rents of just above $700 a month. Another community college, Sierra College in Rocklin, was planning to abandon construction of homes for 354 students at rents of $450 a month. Now two bills are making their way through the Legislature that will allow those projects to continue and reverse a June budget deal that panicked community colleges.


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University ‘courts’ are failing students | Letters

The Guardian Higher Education

Colleges are ill-equipped to deal with allegations of assault and worse Your article demonstrates the immense risk that universities or other institutions take in adjudicating on allegations of behaviour meeting a criminal threshold (“ Students accused in university rape hearings call in lawyers ”, News). Universities have no adequate locus in which to judge criminal matters, nor the skills or necessary legal powers to investigate them.

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‘Bittersweet’ Milestone for a Catholic University - Jessica Blake, Inside Higher Ed

Ray Schroeder

Notre Dame de Namur is celebrating its 100th anniversary as administrators prepare to sell the California campus to keep the institution afloat. Enrollment and revenue were falling when its president announced in March 2020 that the university would stop admitting new students while seeking a way to stay open. The level of optimism on campus about the path forward was not high, especially among some faculty members.

Faculty 50